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Replace your mil-spec AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)

with the

Resolute Carrier Group (RCG)

Why you need better

America’s favorite rifle utilizes a dated and bulky operating system; making it impractical for rapid responses and close encounters.
Forcing you to choose between a compact weapon system or ballistic performance.

The Resolute Carrier Group (RCG) enables quicker deployment times by lightening and shortening your AR-15.

Replacing your MIL-SPEC BCG with the Resolute Carrier Group (RCG)

consolidates your recoil operating system within a MIL-SPEC upper receiver. This eliminates the buffer tube system, reducing the overall length. When ballistic performance and mobility are your primary objective, the AR-15’s dated and bulky operating system requires bandage accessories which only mask the problem. These bandage accessories can price you into entirely different weapon platforms. This compromises the AR-15’s exceptional ergonomics and modularity in favor of compact weapon systems which maximize mobility and ballistic performance. The Resolute Carrier restores advanced function to America’s rifle by addressing the AR-15's Achilles heel - the recoil operating system. With the Resolute Carrier, you no longer have to compromise mobility for ballistic performance.

Replace your AR-15 BCG

with the


Launching in 300 BLK

 Coming in 2024 with the most popular
AR-15 and AR-10 calibers to follow shortly


  1. Unpin the upper receiver from the lower receiver

  2. Remove the BCG from the upper receiver

  3. Unscrew and remove the buffer tube from the lower receiver

4. Screw in the included Picatinny Buffer Cap

5. Insert the Resolute Carrier Group (RCG) into the upper receiver,

    - in place of the BCG

6. Pin the lower receiver back to the upper receiver

Utilize maximized concealment and maneuverability with a minimized recoil system


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